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November 2015 - England Masters Hockey is here again!

The season is upon us yet again, and I am delighted to be once again supporting the England Masters as they progress through their selection process for the 2016 World Cup.  Good luck everyone, looking forward to seeing old faces and meeting new at the trials.

8 September 2014 - The Start of Something New......

As you have hopefully seen from the front page of the site, I am really looking forward to starting at The Wellhead Practice in Bourne, working alongside Philip Hakim and his team, adding sports massage treatments to this already popular and well-established clinic.  For my regulars, and those who are unable to see me at The Wellhead Practice, I will also continue to offer treatments from home.  For further information on The Wellhead Practice, please click on the logo below:

The Wellhead Practice

15-17 August 2014 - Hockey Masters Home Nations

Hot on the heels of the World Cup saw the squad reassemble in Belfast for this year's Home Nations tournament.  A tight schedule of 3 matches in 26 hours meant I had my work cut out maintaining the fitness of the 18 strong squad.  As always seems to be the case, troublesome hamstrings kept me busiest, along with the usual cuts, bruises, tight achilles' and a smattering of ball vs head contact wounds!  Runners-up this year, but this has made the team even hungrier to achieve success at next year's European and Home Nation Tournaments.

Home Nations 2014 

5-14 June 2014 - Hockey Masters World Cup

With the training complete, the teams headed over the Channel to the World Cup, superbly hosted by the Dutch in Rotterdam.   I looked after the team during their 6 matches in 10 days, ensuring we had 18 fit and strong players for their last match against Germany, where a fantastic effort saw them secure the bronze medal.

England Masters Over 45s

30 May 2014 - England Masters Training Day

Another great day with this year's Masters at Solihull.  Glorious sunshine made up for the lack of opposition, but the guys had a good run out taking each other on as part of their selection process.  The team are working hard so they can hopefully defend their title, for the second time, at the forthcoming World Cup, to be held in The Netherlands during June.

February 2014 - Back to Old Haunts!

Just back from Loughborough University after scoping potential locations and facilities, on behalf of Essentials for Health, to teach holistic massage at this prestigous location. A particularly special day for me as I spent 3 happy years at Loughborough doing my undergraduate degree!

January 2014 - Course Director

I've now taken on responsibility as one of the Essentials for Health Course Directors for the BTEC Level 5 Sports Massage course.  Good luck to all those on my course, the hard work is worth the reward!  If you fancy signing up for one of the courses, more details can be found here.

26 May 2013 - England Masters Hockey Selection Day

Heading to Southgate Hockey Club this weekend to assist with the selection of this year's team. 

April 2013 - Essentials for Health

Since the call in April 2012, I have been working hard with Essentials for Health, assisting with the BTEC Level 5 Sports Massage course development, as well as continuing to teach.  We welcomed a new intake of students in this month and I look forward to working with them over the next 6 months.  Looking ahead, the autumn sees me undertake the responsibilities of course director. 

August 2012 - Masters Hockey World Cup

My work with England Masters Hockey has continued this year, culminating in the retention of the World Cup in Canterbury.  It was a busy tournament and I was kept busy dealing with a number of pitch-side injuries as well as keeping tired legs going.

20th July 2012 - Moving to a new area

I have now relocated to Bourne in Lincs and would like to take this opportunity to thank all my wonderful clients for their support over the last 2 years.  It is a real shame that I couldn't take you all with me, but you know where I am if you are ever in the Bourne area.  Of course, if you know anybody up this way then please tell them about me!

3rd April 2012 - A new opportunity....

Received a call from Essentials for Health asking if I would like to assist with the teaching on the next Btec Sports Masssage and Sports Treatments Level 5 course, starting on Sat 14th April.  A fantastic opportunity for me as I hope to further my career into the teaching environment.  Further details of the course can be found here

3rd Feburary 2012 - New Facebook Page

Check out my new Facebook page (here) for more news, photos and updates.

20th January 2012 - Society of Sports Therapists Article

Following the success of the World Masters Hockey tournament in Singapore, I was lucky enough to be contacted by the Society of sports Therapists and asked to do an interview for a news article for their website - please take a look here to see what they asked.

19th November 2011 - World Masters Hockey Tournament, Singapore

What a fantastic 11 days it has been - the England Team have played exceptionally well, reaching the final where they faced New Zealand.  A great game saw the English team come out on top, with a well deserved 4-0 victory to make them 2011 World Masters champions! A fantastic opportunity for me to work pitch-side with the team, keeping them fit and supple for the rigours of the tournament.

Rebecca Brett with England Masters Hockey Team

29th October 2011 - World Masters Hockey Tournament, Singapore

Well, the World Masters are finally here and the team arrived safely earlier this week.  It has taken the team a few days to acclimatise, but the hard work has paid off as they got off to a flying start today, beating the hosts 3-0 - great result boys!!

10th July 2011 - England Hockey

Just returned from meeting the England Masters Hockey Team, following their warm-up match against Letchworth HC 1st XI.  I'm providing their sports massage and pitch side support for the upcoming Home Nations on 23/24 July, then on to Germany for the European Masters in August, working up to the big one - the World Masters in September in Singapore!!  See here for more details.

12th June 2011 - The Team Return!

Fantastic achievement by the Raid Pyrenean Team, who successfully completed their arduous cycle last week. No major injuries to report, just aching legs!


5th June 2011 - The RAID PYRENEAN Team set off!

After weeks of training (well some of them!), the RAID PYRENEAN Team set off for the Pyrenees on Sun 5th June for a week of cycling. However, not just any cycling - the team will tackle an average of 100 miles per day for 5 days through the mountains, climbing over 11000m!!

I have been a proud sponsor of the Team for the last few months, offering sports massage and stretching advice/practice.

Good luck to Helena, Penny, Johnny, Jason, Rob, Adam, Mark, Matt, Paul, Ben, Nick and Mike - I think you are going to need it!

Rebecca Brett Sports Massage Therapist

Pitch side treatment

"From warm up to warm down, ice baths, protein shakes and sports massage, Becca managed (all with a smile on her face!) to get a squad of 18, 40+ year old men through 6 matches in 8 days at the 2014 Masters Hockey World Cup in Holland. The bronze medal we won was in no small part down to her efforts to keep us all fit and healthy, and the professionalism and expertise she exhibited in managing our tweaks, bumps, bruises, strains, aches and pains(!) - we genuinely couldn't have done it without you, thank you."

Jon Wyatt,
Ex-GB Hockey and current England Masters Hockey Player

Rebecca Brett